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The Secrets of Business Endorsements


“Thank you for the copy of The Secrets of Business. I appreciate the obvious passion with which you approach your work. I will share your book
with my staff, and I wish you the best with the book.”

–T. Boone Pickens

“This is a great book. I personally gained a lot of advice and knowledge from it.”

–Dr. Momtaz A. Abbas, CPA, PhD

“I regularly counsel clients with new products and an interest in starting a business, and operate a small law firm and did real estate development in the past. I read an advance copy of The Secrets of Business over a weekend before it went to the printer and could hardly put it down. It is incredibly well written and really explains what it takes to be successful in business. Read it yourself for encouragement and insightful advice, or buy it for someone you know contemplating a new business, as the knowledge being shared here will be a real game changer.”

–Robert J. Lauson, Patent Attorney

“An inspiring story with practical, hands-on business principles. I am in awe of Ehab’s wisdom.”

– Henry Haddad, Business Attorney

“I think that the book is honest and straightforward in a way that is refreshing, along with Ehab’s honest assessment of his own experiences. I would strongly endorse the leveraging of not just money but people, as explained in the book. I believe that the average man would benefit greatly from reading this book.”

—Doug Grimes, Financial Advisor

“I cannot imagine that someone reads this book and doesn’t start a successful business.”

—Michael Hussein, Business Owner

“Your book is very impressive. I found your books to be very professional in the way it is organized and the information it contains. The book has many helpful tips and examples about the creation and growth of a business enterprise. I congratulate you on a fine publication.”

—Gary Kovacic, Ex-Mayor of Arcadia, Eminent Domain Attorney

“Offers a ton of great advice for beginners like myself while avoiding pretension, and really enjoyed how Mr. Atalla implemented actual documentation of his businesses. Great read!”

—Paul Michael, Goodreads Review

“The secrets of business is a fantastic read. I felt inspired from reading this book, I know believe that i can achieve my goals in life. This book is very simple to read, uses great examples and made me realize that business is not as hard as some people want you to believe. I studied business and marketing for four years in college but i honestly felt as if i learned just as much if not more about the business environment due to the books simplicity and the real life examples it gives. Over all, GREAT read and i cant wait to get my hands on The Skills of Business. Would recommend the book to anyone who hopes to work for them selves or make it as an entrepreneur.”

—Sean Dowd, Goodreads Review

As a J.D./M.B.A. candidate, with a bachelor’s in economics, “The Secrets of Business” is extraordinarily relevant and motivating. The book tells Ehab Atalla’s story- a fresh immigrant, unable to speak English, with $600 to his name, who later becomes a very successful businessman with an MBA. Most importantly however, it is evident that Ehab has mastered how to optimize and reap the benefits of America’s capital system, and this book shares step by step how to achieve that insight. “The Secrets of Business” is very clearly and thoughtfully written with straight-shooting advice. His story inspires and as I read I felt like Ehab was personally mentoring me. I highly recommend this book to anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit and drive- after all, “You are the artist.”

—Monique Eginli, Goodreads Review 

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway! Thank you Mr. Atalla and Goodreads for offering me this opportunity.

For those whose ultimate goal is to be a successful businessman, earn lots of money, and time, this book is for you. The fact that the author of this book is an immigrant who didn’t speak English who later created 34 businesses in the United States is enough to catch someone’s attention.

One of the key messages of this book is that leverage is powerful. This book discusses things that will help a businessman gain leverage, from networking to family life. One thoroughly discussed example in this book is that successful businesspeople run businesses in a way that allow the business owner to hire employees to do much of the work, so that the business is self-sustaining, allowing the business owner to pursue other activities. This book was very thought provoking and will provide me food for thought if I look into starting my own business.

I think that Ehab’s heart is in the right place in writing this book. He has experienced fulfillment and success as a result of his business practices and feels the desire to share his keys to success. Our world needs more people like Ehab who are willing to open up and share with other people.

However, my motives for starting a business are different than Ehab’s. For this reason, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as others may enjoy it. My ultimate goal in businesses is to be beneficial to customers and the *entire world* by offering a service that is practical.

—Wil, Goodreads Review 

Incredible, inspirational…amazing true story about a ‘boy’ who quickly became a man working 24/7. Came to US speaking no English, but with hard work, trial and error produced great things. He became an owner on many businesses, owner of stocks, and real estate.

Very inspirational, I listed a few things on line to sell after finishing the book Makes one think about work; I loved this book gave it to my spouse to read. He is currently reading it now.

Five Stars!

—Deb, Goodreads Review 

I won this book in a Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway.

This book is a good way to figure out everything you need to know about the business industry. It helps you figure out the things that nobody ever warns you about and it teaches you great things that are necessary to know before you think about starting a business. If you are thinking about starting a business or thinking about becoming a business partner, this book is for you.

I hope you enjoy The Secrets of Business by Ehab Atalla!

—Becca, Goodreads Review 

I won this book on Goodreads giveaway! It is a wonderful insight to the business world from an experienced author. He gives great pointers on the topic. I highly recommend it!

RoseannGoodreads Review 

Thanks to the author and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for making this book available for me to win. Mr. Atalla has written a detailed guide with many good ideas about how to succeed in business. The variety offered in The Secrets of Business kept this reader interested. The book is on a serious subject and the author managed to write in a style that flowed and was easy to follow.

JodyGoodreads Review 

Wow this book was great! I originally bought it for my boyfriend, but ended up reading it myself. There are a lot of great business tips in here, so check this book out!

Yazmine SheelaGoodreads Review 

THE SECRETS OF BUSINESS (Ehab’s Books and Media Publishing, Inc) by Ehab Atalla tells how he went from being a broke, immigrant cashier to establishing 34 businesses in 15 different industries.The book starts slowly, but then picks up as he starts describing what he has done–and why it has worked (at least most of the time).Among the useful ideas I picked up were these:* If you’re a surgeon, you are limited to how many surgeries you can do per week because you can’t be in two places at once and you only have two hands. Since there is only so much time you can work, your income can become limited.If you’re a professional, you need to invest your income smartly if you wish to free up your time. I know doctors, for instance, who buy the office building where they work. This allows them to collect income from other tenants and grow their wealth. They make additional money this way without spending more of their time working.* Any situation has numerous ways for you to leverage it. Let’s say, for example, you take an educational class. The benefits of taking a class are obvious-getting an education and developing skills. But what else can you leverage that is not so obvious? Take a moment to think about how many birds you can kill with one stone by taking a class. Can you come up with more than five?Besides just listening to the professor, you can take advantage of expanding your network by meeting all of your classmates. Suppose you take four classes in one semester, and each class has 50 people in it; that’s 200 new people you can meet every semester. Two hundred new people you can share ideas with and study with. Through interacting with your classmates, you will come across new ideas and perspectives that will lead to opportunities or maybe even a new business.And I especially liked this one:* I found out that if I have a serious problem that I cannot find a solution for, or if I need to create a business plan, I can program my mind to work on these tasks while I sleep. Before I go to bed, I think very intensely and deeply about the problem. I visualize all parts of the problem and what the solution should look like. Then, while I am falling asleep, I continue thinking about the problem and solution. Why? Because I want to fall asleep thinking about what I want to solve or create: I want to force my subconscious to think for me while I sleep. Try this technique for yourself. I found that when I do this, in the morning I come up with the solution, goal, or plan. Or, I wake up suddenly in the middle of the night with the answer I am looking for.THE SECRETS OF BUSINESS was a bit light on specifics. However, I was impressed by an Appendix that showed many of the legal documents that backed up the author’s claims of success.

—Blaine Greenfield-Amazon Review

I had plans on opening a few businesses this past year, but really didn’t know how. I got this book to help me learn how to start and grow a business, and I am truly inspired now!  The author’s story is great itself, because I really value those who are successful but came from nothing. The book is written in first person so it is very personal, and I feel a sense of happiness for his accomplishments and excitement for what I can possibly do too. This book gives step by step instructions on how to use what you have and what you can get to build a strong business. Overall, great content and easy to read formatting in this book.

—Arabia White, Amazon Review

This was a great read and the author seems very sincere. He lists out all his corporate documents in the back of the book and shows some of his stock trades.

Author writes about many subjects in business, and walks you through his successes (without being pretentious). Great for beginners interested in understanding key principles across different industries.

People will gain much from this book.

—Laura H, Amazon Review

Thanks to the author and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for making this book available for me to win. Mr. Atalla has written a detailed guide with many good ideas about how to succeed in business. The variety offered in The Secrets of Business kept this reader interested. The book is on a serious subject and the author managed to write in a style that flowed and was easy to follow.

—Jane Jones-Amazon Review

Ehab Atalla’s “The Secrets of Business” will make you question, “What have I been doing with my life this whole time?” To read of someone’s experience coming to a country knowing and having nothing, yet managing to become a success eliminates every excuse you could possibly have. Those who are aspiring entrepreneurs will most likely have heard or told themselves a lot of the knowledge that’s in this book, but sometimes it takes someone who has had the courage to take those leaps of faith, become a success and share that attitude before it really sinks in. A few of the points that stuck out for me that I consistently try to keep in mind is that the traditional ways and rules of making and saving money just don’t work anymore. Capitalizing on business opportunities will take a lot more creativity. Time is your greatest asset and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals to help you leverage that time is essential to your success. For most entrepreneurs, getting a job is completely out of the question. Ehab points out how the experience and information that can come from working these jobs will later prove to be influential when making business decisions. They allow you to learn the business industry and decide if it would even be a good fit for you. The best part about this book is it’s not just a bunch of fancy writing that gives you no direction. He tells an in-depth story about how and why he made the decisions that he did. He even provides proof. The book is written so smoothly that you would think a friend is sharing a story with you over coffee. If you’re serious about going into business for yourself, this is a must read before starting your journey. Good luck!

—Char-Amazon Review

My family knows I have been mulling over starting my own business, so they got me this book as a gift. I only wish I had read it sooner! You can’t help but be motivated by Ehab Atalla’s story of coming to the United States with no money and no English language skills, but then starting numerous successful businesses and achieving his dreams. The book starts with how to look at the big picture for things such as financing and long-term planning when starting a business and then gets into the nitty gritty details of day-to-day operations. Ehab stresses the importance of preparation and vision for growth when starting businesses, and he brings up points that I never thought of. There are also extra sections detailing each of Ehab’s own businesses, discussions about investing, and global trade markets. Overall, this is a great reference for starting your own successful business!

—Stephanie Hamilton- Amazon Review

Really enjoyed reading this book. I have considered starting my own business many times, and for quite some time. There are some concepts addressed by Ehab Atalla pointed out that I had not considered, and I will be using in the near future. This book has given me additional confidence I was looking for to start working on getting my own business off the ground. I think if I apply some of the concepts that Ehab Atalla has outlined, I will be more successful faster. What I like most about this book is the proof that the American dream is not dead, but just lying dormant for those who are willing to work hard and hustle for a personal goal. Thanks Ehab, and I look forward to reading more of your books.

—Darrin-Amazon Review

Ehab does a great job describing the “Art of Business.” Everything from how to read people, to negotiating insights, to creating goodwill is spelled out in simple, specific language. From his writing, you can tell that Ehab, himself, is an artist. He explains that “Business is not just knowledge, it’s the application of knowledge through your feelings” and does a great job explaining the need to be in the right mood for business (what he calls the “Business Mood.”) This involves paying attention to when you are most creative and changing your atmosphere to suite your purpose in business.

This book made me laugh, cry, and pause in amazement. Great insights that you can only get from someone who overcame as much disadvantages and obstacles as Ehab. If you are getting into business for yourself, save yourself years of strife by reading this book.

—Michelle-Amazon Review

Ehab does a great job explaining the big picture and details of what it takes to succeed in business (and to attain success in general). As he says “Zoom out, then zoom in.”

The author does a great job giving you a bird’s eye perspective of the business world. The book does start off slow, but then really kicks into gear by Secret #2, Forget Perfect, Be Quick. From there, it’s a roller coaster ride of emotion, insights, and practical wisdom based on the author’s hands-on business experience.

My favorite chapters are number five and six. He breaks down business psychology and business opportunities in a way I have not seen in other books. You walk away with numerous ideas for business, and how to determine if an opportunity matches your personality. In many instances, he even goes over how to make it to the top of an industry from scratch. He does this particularly well in real estate, retail, global trade, finance, and internet based businesses.

The value I received from this book is way more than I expected.

—Dalibor-Amazon Review

This book has opened up so many great tips and ideas for me. The excellent lay out of this book and the step to step process makes it so easy to learn and understand. This is one book I will keep handy so I can refer back to it when I need some knowledgeable advice.

—Serenity-Amazon Review

Ehab Atalla has provided a really remarkable insight into how to be successful in entrepreneurship and investment. The book is packed with easy steps and methods to follow in order to reach the level of success most multi-millionaries enjoy. I think the principles the book teaches is going to be easy to execute by people of all business skill levels and backgrounds. Yes, you are going to find some the methods aren’t following the conventional business strategies you’ve been taught to become really wealthy, however the secrets he reveals shows you why he is so successful and is enjoying a millionaire status. You will have plenty of ‘a-ha!’ moments right throughout this book.

It’s a book that is written with honesty and with his best intentions in helping you succeed. Ehab’s reference to his own life experiences is definitely valuable to the reader in understanding how to be successful and I think most people with a business sense are going to appreciate the knowledge that is passed on to you. It is delivered in a fascinating way that you find enjoyable and at the same time very easy to understand or apply. It’s definitely going to be a huge benefit to my own business ventures in 2014.

—Gary Boyle-Amazon Review

This book left me in an entrepreneur spirit. I would recommend anyone who wants encouragement, who wants that extra push or who just want a good read to definitely get this book, it was worth the money!

—Tahj-Amazon Review

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life. Had I been able to read this book many years ago, it would have saved me from the many downfalls and mistakes I made along the way. This book gives the reader a mindset for knowledge and success. The inspirational aspect from the author’s journey makes this book an enjoyable read. This is not a boring business book. It has real human aspects, where you can see yourself. I highly recommend this book for anyone starting out in the business world, or for anyone who just needs a little boost to get motivated again. A+.

—Lora M-Amazon Review

I’ve been working on my own business for quite some time now and a friend told me about this book. I was skeptical at first, but found it to be chock full of ideas. First of all, it pulls no punches. It’s not another manual with a lot of filler, and that’s what I liked about it. There is a lot to like here, and definitely worth investing some serious time following through.

It details how to think, and how to approach every interaction that you have with others. Whether you’re in a retail business or trying to build an ecommerce shop off the ground. You don’t need to have an MBA to get your business off the ground, and here’s another shining example of how it can be done.

This is not a manual that promises you something and then doesn’t deliver. It gives tips, tricks, and a lot of interesting points on business as a whole. It’s very interesting to see how something somewhat daunting can be overcome by anyone. Ehab Atalla does what most business book writers don’t, and that’s explain things on a very basic level. That’s obviously done on purpose. I’ve taken away a lot from the book, and have been enjoying renewed success in the music business. However, there are many points that you can apply to other industries.

—Jorge Orduna- Amazon Review

I have had this book for a week, and I read it every chance i get. This book is full of business tips. This is a must have book for anyone in business. I personally love the fact that the author notes in his book, his own personal issues with running a business and the ups & downs that he faced.

—Robert Brannen- Amazon Review

This book is really inspiring. In detail, it covers the steps to a successful business that are often overlooked or not even thought of. A must read for entrepreneurs and those running their own small business.

—Tanner Martin-Amazon Review

Ever though of making it big? Making loads of money from structured thinking and the will power to learn? Even if you have no education or business background, you can still learn the tricks of the trade and start a path to becoming successful in the business world.

A fantastic read, The Secrets of Business by Ehab Atalla, MBA does just that! It is a remarkable book rammed packed with useful steps and tips which will turn you from dreamer to becoming successful owning potentially, several businesses ! Ehab started with only a few hundred or so bucks in his back pocket but over time gained experience from various trades and built upon a dream that eventually turned into reality. Now owning some 30 plus businesses in a number of countries around the globe, Ehab presents an achievement created from simply believing in yourself and having the will power to make things happen.

The book itself is deeply insightful and just shows that it does not matter what background you come from; any one can learn. Overall this is a great book, very interesting, simple to read and information to easily get you up on your feet! Well worth the asking amount and overall fantastic!

—Rob B-Amazon Review

It was a great pleasure meeting you and a big opportunity knowing you. I have been amazed, having read halfway through your books, at your business advice. I could write a book about your book. It is incredible that I can see I have been practicing so much of your philosophy of leverage, focus, perseverance, knowledge, etc., and preaching them to my associates, but having it in such a defined and well delineated format. As a whole, it is a dynamic, innovative, multi-faceted and all encompassing approach, not just for business, but an exciting template for managing life at its optimum.

—Phillip Payan




The Skills of Business Endorsements


“I am finished with your second book The Skills of Business, and I am astonished by the wealth of knowledge you wrote! I learned about topics I didn’t know before and explored foreign markets, commodities, countries, etc.

“And yes, I too share in the question, ‘How were you able to accomplish so much in 20 years?’ Answer: leverage and skills. And I want to add it’s also a gift—you have a brilliant mind, vision, and execution skills. I am sure that if you give those two books to any university you should receive a PhD. I do not see the need for you to do any different research or write about any better topics! That’s it.

“I am writing this to let you know of my admiration of reading and learning from a great example—which is you.”

–Dr. Momtaz A. Abbas, CPA, PhD

“I completed reading The Skills of Business and enjoyed it very much as well. Your book is really fabulous.” 

–Robert J. Lauson, Patent Attorney

“I would definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in business. A better business book has yet to be written.” 

– Henry Haddad, Business Attorney

“In his latest book, The Skills of Business, Ehab Atalla tells the reader his secrets about entrepreneurship and investing skills. Ehab doesn’t follow traditional business rules—which is probably why he is a multi-millionaire. I found this book to be informative, fascinating, and simple to follow. It’s Ehab’s dream to share his knowledge—and once again, he has succeeded.”

—Sheila Grimes, Editor and Writer

This is a well written book, filled with great, specific concepts about business. The Author’s style is very personable, making me feel like I was having a one to one conversation with him.

This is a really great book for someone who is looking to understand business skills in a more thorough manner. I feel like I now have a big picture understanding of what is required to be a successful entrepreneur/business person.

–Eugene Sharapov, Goodreads Review

Fantastic Experience! Extremely courteous! Highly recommended!

– Khalil Haider, Goodreads Review

The book is very well written and I would recommend it to anyone looking for information on business.

—Leia Teague, Goodreads Review

This is probably one of the best books about business that I have read in a long time, and I read a lot of books! This book was just so helpful and I was able to learn skills that I never even knew that I had. I originally picked up the book because I wanted to strengthen my business skills and learn some new tips to help me succeed. I have done just that and I feel as though I will be even more successful in the future because of this book.

–WriterArtist101, Amazon Review

This book really highlights the business skills that are needed to be successful in today’s economy. I have just started a business recently, so I decided to check this book out and see what it offered. There’s so many tips in here that have really helped to add to my success. I love how the author writes that many businesses are needed in different industries to survive in this economy. He is so right! After reading this book, I have come up with more ideas to jump start my business and I am thinking of starting another business in a different industry. The tips and tricks learned in this book will help me to succeed, no doubt!

– Artislyfe, Amazon Review

I have read many books about business. And I have to say this is the only one, which teach you to be wise on not to focus on one business sector. Ehab explains all reasons and facts in depth. In The Skills of Business, he demonstrates are very useful. He generated most important ones, which you probably need to read ten books to find them. But, hey, it is all in one book now. More so, Ehab tells you how to invest money in other areas, such as real estate, stocks etc purposefully. He is like my business mentor now from reading his second books. I wish I would be so successful like him.

—Moja, Amazon Review

In addition to covering a broad base of skills you need to successfully run any business, Ehab goes into details on investments: global stock trading, commodities, foreign currencies, ETFs, and real estate.

Great book that provides a big picture view and detailed analysis of the business skills you need to survive in the modern global economy.

—David Haddad, Amazon Review







The Secrets of Business Trade Reviews


Forward Reviews, Clarion Review

4/5 Stars

Personal anecdotes of his own road to financial success bolster the credibility of this guide to overcoming the challenges of opening and running a business.

The evocative headline font of The Secrets of Business hints at an arcane manuscript that will provide untold riches to those who browse its pages. One might expect the mysteries the author reveals to involve some secretive submarket known only to a very few, or a labyrinthine financial process mind-boggling in its complexity. Instead, the answers in Ehab Atalla’s book are both captivatingly straightforward and enchantingly elusive at the same time. It provides a significant amount of detail, in accessible language, on various challenges business owners face, while maintaining a lively pace and not getting bogged down in overly specialized topics.

A crucial takeaway from this manual is the importance of seeing the big picture first: how much money the business will generate; the financing necessary to enable its acquisition or growth; and a long-term plan for its development or re-sale. Then, and only then—and the author is quite emphatic on this point—is it advisable to grapple with the day-to-day details of operations and processes. However, once the finer points of operations are being figured out, they should be automated and delegated as soon as possible so the potential mogul can move on to surveying and evaluating other future revenue sources.

This well-laid-out entrepreneurial manual has its key points in bold throughout and back matter summing up the author’s core principles and guidelines. Each chapter is followed by a summary that reinforces core lessons. There is also a section detailing the founding and expansion of each of Atalla’s businesses—a quirky and fascinating addendum.

Atalla is especially effective when he portrays the emotional ups and downs of his own road to fortune. Early on, he deftly captures his recently widowed mother’s heartbroken reaction when he gives up his secure bank teller job to focus more on his sideline operations. She frets the odds against him in the business world are insurmountable. In perhaps Atalla’s most telling remark of the book, a concept indicative of his whole philosophy, he remarks that while business is not easy, it is by no means a specialized subject requiring intensive study and inbuilt aptitude like advanced physics or chemistry.

Atalla warns the would-be wealthy to seek advice wherever they can find it, yet to always be aware of the adviser’s own perspective. Ideally, it pays to find someone who was in the same situation as you are now. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, somebody who greatly increased his inherited wealth might know a lot about augmenting an existing fortune, but very little about saving up sufficient startup funds on the income of an average Joe.

In addition to much useful information on availing of business opportunities, it’s ultimately the author’s own relatability as someone who has had many hurdles to overcome—including his initial poor grasp of English and his outsider status as an immigrant with no connections—as well as his willingness to poke gentle fun at his own shortcomings that make this a lively (and hopefully profitable!) investment of time for its readership.

Seamus Mullarkey

November 2, 2013


The San Francisco Book Review

4/5 Stars

The Secrets of Business is the first in a series of books intended to coach ordinary people with an entrepreneurial spirit to become the masters of their own businesses. This one lays out several “business secrets” that the author has learned through his own experiences in the business world, and in which he overcame his poor circumstances to become a multimillionaire in a self-created business empire.

The introduction and first chapter, “Business is Full of Secrets,” are written with a great deal of enthusiasm, meant to be encouraging to anyone hoping to start out in business. They are, but read like listening to an infomercial or reading a new diet book.

However, starting with Chapter Two the author hits his stride as he begins to share his personal experiences. He came to America with no money and no English language skills, but through his dedication, perseverance, and hard work (and obvious intelligence), he was able to realize his extremely lofty goals. His story is inspiring, and told well, perfectly illustrating and humanizing the chapters of “secrets” he wants to teach his readers. My recommendation: skip the introduction and Chapter One.

I loved the remainder of the book. The secrets he reveals include the importance of being quick; using leverage in everything you do; being able to see both the big picture and the details, as well as making decisions based on former knowledge and gut instinct, even without all the information; controlling your own mind and reactions; finding the right business opportunity for you; and expanding your business empire. He makes excellent points and expands on them in detail, with easy-to-remember bullet points and questions to consider. In many instances, Atalla explains very convincingly why the “common sense” about business is wrong and will not get you to your goals. He shows many pitfalls people encounter, and how to avoid them. He is also careful to teach readers to regard money as a tool, rather than an end in itself; he advocates caring for family, volunteering, and philanthropy. His writing is clear, friendly, and easy to follow.  You get the sense from the author that he really is interested in helping others succeed where he already has. It is a fascinating and helpful book for everyone interested in going into business for themselves.

Sponsored Review

The Midwest Book Review

The Secrets of Business is a celebration of the American capitalist system and how it can lead to success for immigrants and natives alike, and is a primary pick for any business collection appealing to novices or business readers looking for concrete approaches to achievement in a changing world.

Now, plenty of other books have been written from both immigrant and small business perspectives: what sets The Secrets of Business apart from either viewpoint is a focus on underlying methods of achievement that lie behind any business venture, but largely go unspoken. These assumptions are keys to success, and Ehab Atalla’s story embeds these keys into a saga that blends personal with business pursuits and considers the inherent opportunity that underlies adversity. His mission here is to: “…make business easy for everyone to understand. I have engineered business principles for anyone to just press the gas and go by opening their mind to different business opportunities, and explaining them in detail.”

Without further ado than a heartfelt introduction, chapters enter into a dialogue with would-be and novice business readers and explore exactly how this blueprint reads and how it can be applied to virtually any business venture.

Business operations are full of secrets, from working quickly and efficiently to understanding how psychological factors meld with business ventures to achieve either opportunity or failure. And lest readers harbor any suspicion that the author’s business savvy was achieved through inheritance or the silver spoon, it should be noted that he “…went from being a broke, immigrant cashier to starting 34 businesses in 15 different industries.”

The focus on this step-by-step process for achieving such success is what makes The Secrets of Business so remarkable. And for any who believe the secrets will be intuitive or self-evident, it should be mentioned that his approach is far from conventional. The abstracts and theories common to business school thinking are set aside for more real-world experiences and applications – and all of these have been personally tested by the author.

Don’t expect dry theory here. The use of the first person, case history examples from real life, and a sparky, even saucy, condemnation of traditional approaches draws readers in where traditional business books fail: “Business – on the other hand – is unpredictable: you’re the one who is creating steps and taking steps at the same time. You are the artist. It’s really no different than a painter creating a painting. Just like a painter, you ‘creating’ – or ‘painting’ – a business. “So if you’re goal is to create a successful business, then you need to forget how success works in school. That is step one.”

Chapters then pinpoint specific skill sets needed to run not just any business, but a successful one. From the different requirements of retail to product versus service approaches and how to cultivate wealth once it’s achieved, chapters review all aspects of a business pursuit.

With its gritty, hard-hitting discussions of everything from import/export business demands to leveraging positions, different business structures, online and retail sales, investment strategies and more, The Secrets of Business packs so much into its pages that one might believe it could only do a cursory job of touching lightly on points.

Don’t be fooled. What we have here is an in-depth discussion that sets up a basic blueprint for success. All that’s needed are readers who want to move beyond traditional school-based theoretical business models to understand the real underlying influences on successful strategies – and then apply them.

– D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR


The Skills of Business Trade Reviews


Forward Reviews, Clarion Review

4/5 Stars

No-nonsense advice on the skills needed to succeed in business doesn’t shy away from the hard truths of growing as an entrepreneur.

The second in a series of business books written and published by a self-made millionaire, this guide is particularly useful for those interested in starting a business. When the author of a business book writes that he “started 34 businesses in 15 different industries from scratch,” the book takes on a certain credibility. When the author also says he went “from a broke, new immigrant cashier who couldn’t speak English to becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur,” any reader with a desire to start and run a successful business cannot help but be intrigued. Thankfully, Ehab Atalla’s book, The Skills of Business, is more than boasting—it is a well-written, substantive guide to business, enhanced with the street-smart wisdom only a self-made businessperson could provide.

Atalla divides the book into seven specific skills that are more about ways of thinking than business competencies. For example, the first skill, “Flexibility,” demonstrates Atalla’s awareness of the need to have a broad understanding of every aspect of business. When the author learns to “connect different subjects and see the underlying similarities,” he is able to apply the same business skills across fifteen different types of businesses. He also makes the intriguing point that, while American society seems to encourage being specialized, it was his ability to generalize and be flexible that opened him up to more opportunities.

Atalla does not shy away from giving plenty of advice, some of which may strike readers as blunt if not crass. “My philosophy is simple—everything I own is for sale,” he writes. When discussing negotiations, Atalla writes, “I really don’t care about the deal. So I automatically put myself and my subconscious in a very strong position. Once you don’t care about something (when you don’t fall in love with it), you are the one with power.” As for friends and enemies, “the last one that can hurt you is your enemy, and the person who will likely hurt you is your friend,” because with enemies, “you expect their attack,” but “by trusting your friends, you blind yourself to the bad things they can do to you.”

Even readers who don’t agree with Atalla’s philosophy or find his style to their liking will probably benefit from his observations. In addition to covering a broad range of business skills in various areas—everything from finance to personnel to marketing—The Skills of Business includes an informed discussion of investing that touches on compounding, real estate, and the stock market. There are some nice extras at the end of the book as well: five appendices address such things as global trade and the basics of supply and demand. The author even includes a listing of his favorite stock picks. The book is also professionally designed: chapters are short, and they have plenty of subheads, bold and italicized text for emphasis, and the occasional chart and graph.

The Skills of Business is authoritative and informative. It should prove especially useful to the budding entrepreneur.

Barry Silverstein
November 10, 2013


The San Francisco Book Review

4/5 Stars

A quick Google search of the term, ‘business book’ returns more than 3.5 billion pages – dear Lord! Even narrowing that down to a quick search on Goodreads returned greater than 270 titles, and that from a list compiled in 2008. So let us state the obvious and observe that there are lots and lots of business advice books out there.

If there are criteria for the consumer in choosing one or a few from all these titles, it would seem fair that these would be the basic questions: Is the book clearly written and understandable? Is it general enough to apply to the vast array of businesses out there, while still being specific in its advice regarding success in the marketplace? Finally, to put it bluntly, does the author know what s/he is talking about?

Well, last things first. Ehab Atalla clearly knows his field. He states in The Skills of Business that he has, ‘started 34 different businesses in 15 different industries from scratch.’ Before anyone makes a snide remark along the lines of, If he’s so good at business, why didn’t he just stick to one or two?; that actually speaks to one of Atalla’s principal pieces of advice. Stay flexible. Concentrating on just one market niche risks all your potential income and net value on the business cycles within that niche.

The Skills of Business equally passes the clarity and generality tests. Both the diagrams and Appendices provided (e.g. Global Trade, Supply and Demand Curves) would be understandable by anyone with say a 3.0 GPA on their high school diploma. No MBA required—and isn’t that a relief?

Indeed, Atalla even provides stock suggestions and it was with equal relief that I noted he mostly goes for exchange traded funds (ETFs) and the bluest of the blue chip stocks—low volatility and likely dividends. That tells you a lot about a business writer. He is not trying to con anyone with a getrichquick scheme. Rather, Atalla lays out all the steps you must take, right down to how to create an invoice.

As stated at the outset, there are literally tonnes of business books available. The Skills of Business will make a fine addition to your personal shelf.


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Midwest Book Review

The Skills of Business is second in a succession of books published by a self-made millionaire whose desire is to provide a series of “A-Z” how-to titles on how to handle any type of business, and is a recommendation for any with an interest in entrepreneurship.

Lest you think this book has ‘already been written’ by others with similar themes, let’s reflect on a few facts: Ehab Atalla holds two main claims to fame: he’s started (from scratch) 34 businesses in 15 different industries, and he moved “…from a broke, new immigrant cashier who couldn’t speak English to becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.” These two facts alone should suffice to point out that the lessons in The Skills of Business are anything but ordinary.

Chapters fulfill their promise of being special by focusing on seven distinct business skills that form the basis of a ‘blueprint’ of basic rules and principles key to business success. From flexibility and using the moment to basic to advanced business skills, chapters serve as building blocks to a wider-ranging perspective of business’s underlying keys to success. The emphasis here is that business is a skill that can be learned by anyone, and the point is that generalization and flexibility produce more opportunities for success than rigid thinking and ‘business as usual’.

Atalla’s perspective is simple: “…all businesses require the same common skills. If you learn these common skills, you will be able to establish any kind of business.”

Don’t expect status quo analysis: many of Atalla’s beliefs and theories go against common teachings in traditional business books. Don’t expect easy answers, either. Much of his wisdom involves self-analysis and resetting habits to new approaches: “One habit that I picked up early in my career was to evaluate what I did on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. At the end of every day, week, and month, I ask myself, what did I accomplish? What mistakes did I make? What did I learn? How can I improve? I then write out what I did to see firsthand what seeds I am planting and what results I am experiencing. This one habit is responsible for much of my business success.”

With discussions ranging from different kinds of skills development (“general versus specialized skills”) and how these skills fit into widely varying businesses to leveraging a business by creating passionate managers (“The key to leveraging a business is to create owners out of your managers. I connected my managers with businesses they love to run. I made them love the business more than I did. When your managers care about your business more than you do, that’s when you know you’re experiencing positive leverage.”), there are many specifics to help any business reader learn the basics of what drives success.

This isn’t just a collection of generalities about business, either: chapters focus on specifics ranging from how to verify property values and how to identify and buy an existing, successful business to handling market downturns with strategic responses.

The Skills of Business is, in the end, a series of wide-ranging lessons that can be applied to virtually any business venture, filled with positive perspectives and real-world, tested applications. It should be on the radar of any business professional and those who would learn from experience.

D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR




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