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Ehab’s books will soon be available in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin

Ehab’s Books Available Now:

book_secrets_of_business_new book_skills_of_business_new
 The Secrets of Business – Order Now  The Skills of Business – Order Now
 The Secrets of Business (Arabic) Order Now
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Ehab’s Books Coming Soon:

book_tips_of_business_new book_big_business_from_scratch_new
The Tips of Business Big Business From Scratch
 book_master_of_marketing_new  book_master_of_finance_new
 The Master of Marketing  The Master of Finance


Ehab’s Books

  • The Secret of Business (Available Now)
  • The Skills of Business (Available Now)
  • The Tips of Business (Coming Soon)
  • Big Business From Scratch (Coming Soon)
  • The Master of Marketing (Coming Soon)
  • The Master of Finance (Coming Soon)

Change Your Life in One Day

  • A blueprint to build your business empire
  • Match your personality to the right business
  • Expose yourself to more opportunities
  • Become an artist of business
  • Learn hands-on, real world business skills