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Ehab’s Sayings

If you don’t plan to have someone work for you, you will work for someone else. There is no in-between.


More important than your skills is picking the right business.


Business is a basketball game. The more tricks you know, the more points you score.


See the big picture and details of everything in your life, “Zoom out, then zoom in.”


You have to be consistent and persistent and never give up.


Life and business are based on leverage. The more you know how to leverage life, the more successful you will become.


There is always something better to do with your time and business. Always look for the next step for growth in your career.


If you want to be in business, your friends need to be in business too.


Always have a backup plan in case you fail. Prepare for another business.


To be a great business person, you must be a great observer.


Common sense is a skill to learn, and it is the foundation of all good business.


Business is the school of life. Success in business requires success in living.


To be very wealthy, you have to program yourself as a machine with targets to reach.


The more businesses you have, the less work you do.


Always consider who you’re learning from. Don’t listen to people who are not experiencing the success you want.


The connection between you and any business is knowledge.


Think big from the beginning.


If you don’t learn to control your mind, your mind will control you.


Don’t make promises when you are motivated or happy. Don’t make decisions when you are nervous or upset.


Create your own fears; choose to fear living an average life.


The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is their perceptions of reality.


Wealth comes from multiple incomes. Always think of growth and new businesses to create new income streams.


If you see something working for someone else, and you are in the same business, more than likely it will work for you.


You have to change your environment to serve your purpose.


Don’t buy value-added. Be the one adding value. Create goodwill.


Know your margins; then focus on growing the business.


A business person is all about solving problems.


If you’re just starting out, don’t focus on the cheese, focus on the cow.


Forget perfect. Be quick. Quickness kills.


You’re not born with confidence; it is a skill to learn.


Motivation is not just part of business—it’s everything in business.


An entrepreneur is like a musician creating a new song.


Success is an addiction. Once you get into the habit of success, you can’t stop.


Don’t do business just for the money. Make it a hobby and the money will come automatically.


Opportunities are everywhere. The question is who is going to take advantage of them.


The problem is not the problem. The problem is how you think about the problem.


Be a smart learner. Learn from your mistakes and adjust your behavior accordingly.


I pride myself in being a deep thinker, and I want you to be one too.


Everything in life is related to business—your hobbies, friends, family, relaxation, career, education, etc.


You have to be clever in how you make money and save it, and clever in how you enjoy your life.


Businesses are like people—some of them will click with your personality and others won’t. It’s all about chemistry.


Without business skills, your passion or hobby will not translate into money in your pocket.


If I grow a business to its capacity, I will sell it the next day.


Delaying is the most dangerous thing you can do in business.


Be attached to opportunities—money-making ideas—not a particular type of business or industry.


Quickness means you are hustling.


You can get into any business by leveraging joint ventures.


Just start. A small business can take you to the level of empire.


The simplest way to learn business is to study your competition and improve what they are offering.


To be big, you have to think big. Don’t limit your imagination.


The most important thing to leverage is people. Their talents and connections will take you to great heights.


To leverage means to create a win-win situation.


You can’t save dollar by dollar to become wealthy.


The art the wealthy use in business is to jump.


Your lack of confidence is the number one reason why you’re not experiencing success.


You must be an artist and an actor.


Realize that your life situation will never line up perfectly for you to start a business.


Believing business is easy boosts your self-confidence.


Anyone can be a businessman; never give up.


Congratulations, you have made it this far. Good luck.


Make a promise that you will be open-minded and that you will take what I say and put it into action.


If people knew how easy business is, everyone would be a business person.


You want to be flexible enough to switch what you’re doing 180 degrees to match where money is being made.


Surprises are the common thing in business.


The worst thing you can do is limit your perspective and stick to one way of doing something.


Marketing is making an offer to your customers that they can’t refuse.


In business, it’s difficult to be open to new possibilities when you’re attached to the way things are.


The short term is in your control; the long term is not.


Keep your motivation, emotions, and energy level steady. Don’t get too up or too down.


Don’t worry about money. Focus on developing skills and finding opportunities. Money will follow.


Whatever you do, even if you have to sell the clothes on your back, make sure you have workers’ compensation insurance.


Imagination is not a replacement for taking action. It’s an enhancer.


Everything in life is a product—your house, clothes, cellphone, etc.


Look at things from your customers’ perspective.


Everyone should learn real estate and finance. They create many millionaires.


Size matters. Start businesses that can perform many large-size transactions.


All business can be simplified to buying and selling.


Business is an exponential game. With time, you will find yourself booming up the curve.


The wealthiest people in the world have the most guts. They go for it.


Luck means right effort, right place, and right time to take advantage of an opportunity.


You have to be in multiple businesses making multiple incomes.


Prepare for the tornado when the wind is calm.


Look for storms and get there before others.


Look for economic and business signs and connect them to events they trigger.


Economists are the closest things to physicians. Sometimes, the medication they give has negative side effects.


To be a big player in stock trading, you have to think globally.


If you understand how the economy works—how money moves—you can learn to move money to your pocket.


Commodities are better investments than stocks. Commodities can’t go anywhere—they are tangible.


Keep your eyes on the central banks because interest rates affect everything in the economy and our lives.


The more stock prices go up and down, the more money you can make. Use volatility to your advantage.


Don’t play basketball against the masters. Never go head-to-head against someone who is more skilled than you.


Don’t make the mistake of talking too much.


Attack your enemy first to get him off balance. Don’t wait for him to attack you.


Money flows to powerful people.


Let people come to you because, subconsciously, they will realize that they need you.


Don’t focus on too many things at once.


Power and success are like brother and sister—two sides of the same coin.


You will be surprised by what people say when you play dumb.


Tell your customers what they want to hear


You must come from a place of power to make money—don’t think that money makes you powerful.


Realize that you can’t be a master at everything, but you can learn many things.


People eat chicken, but they don’t eat lion meat. So be a lion.


In business negotiations you want to size people correctly and you want people to size you incorrectly.


Make people count on you. Don’t count on others.


Ehab’s Books

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Change Your Life in One Day

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