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About the Author

Ehab Atalla: Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Consultant, Author, MBA

pic_ehabEhab is a self-made multi-millionaire who established 34 businesses in 15 different industries. He came from overseas with $600 in his pocket, and will teach you how he turned that into a fortune.

“In my books, I will show you how I went from being a broke, immigrant cashier to establishing 34 businesses in 15 different industries.How I went from having no car to driving throughout all states in depth–visiting almost every major city in America and hustling door to door to sell my products (in one trip, I traveled 30,000 miles in just over two months) with my partner. How I went from working minimum wage to making multi-millions in leveraged income and net worth. How I went from running local businesses to traveling to 71 countries in depth. How I went from not speaking English to getting my MBA and joining a Doctors of Business Administration program, and how I went from having no experience to making up to 300% in the stock market. This is no fairy tale. This is a real story and I’ll prove it to you with photos and legal documents. Unlike other business books you may have read, you are going to see step by step how I started my businesses from scratch, and how you can achieve similar, extraordinary results in business. All you need to do is follow my patterns.”

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Mission Statement

“I want to give my success back to the world. I have a dream to help the maximum number of people own a business by explaining to them from A to Z how to handle any type of business they wish to establish through my series of educational books.

As I see it, the problem is not the economy–the problem is us. We have to look at economic problems differently by seeing them as opportunities. I believe my story will inspire this change in perspective, and give you a new vision.

You will see that even with a slow economy, even with all my challenges, I was able to make it. Why? Because there was, is, and will forever be global opportunities under any circumstance. I am thirsty to deliver this message to everyone around the world.

Over the years, I observed that many people don’t realize what their country offers. It is my intention to make more entrepreneurs and to make as many people as possible become comfortable with business.

I united business principles and rules into a blueprint to make it easy for anyone to establish a successful business. I believe my mission is to make business easy for everyone to understand. I have engineered business principles for anyone to just press the gas and go by opening their mind to different business opportunities, and explaining them in detail.

I invite you to read my books. I believe this type of education will give the maximum number of people the right mindsets and skills to handle any kind of business they wish to start. This is how we are going to reduce the unemployment rate and improve the economy; this is how we are going to see the economy continue to blossom.

I want to spread my message far and wide, to everyone and through all channels.”

– Ehab Atalla



Ehab’s Books

  • The Secret of Business (Available Now)
  • The Skills of Business (Available Now)
  • The Tips of Business (Coming Soon)
  • Big Business From Scratch (Coming Soon)
  • The Master of Marketing (Coming Soon)
  • The Master of Finance (Coming Soon)

Change Your Life in One Day

  • A blueprint to build your business empire
  • Match your personality to the right business
  • Expose yourself to more opportunities
  • Become an artist of business
  • Learn hands-on, real world business skills