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Behind Every Business There's a Secret

You will learn secrets, principles, and examples that will teach you step by step,from A to Z, how to create a multi-million dollar business empire, even if you have no business experience or education.

Behind every business there are secrets—secrets that I learned in my retail, trade, real estate, stock trading, commodities, shipping, trucking, restaurant, export and import, distribution, long-term health care facilities,gas, telecommunication, professional... and many other businesses. The secrets that you will learn will open your mind to business opportunities all around you. You will understand the big picture of business and how to quickly grow wealthy.

Anyone Can Be a "Businessman!"

Yes, I mean it. Man or woman, young or old, anyone can be a "businessman." Over the years, I united business principles and rules into a blueprint to make it easy for anyone to establish successful businesses. You will see firsthand how I, a broke immigrant, established many businesses, and how you can too.

Trade Reviews for The Secrets of Business

Forward Reviews, Clarion Review 4/5 Stars

"This well-laid-out entrepreneurial manual..." - Seamus Mullarkey

The San Francisco Book Review 4/5 Stars

"It is a fascinating and helpful book for everyone interested in going into business for themselves." - Sponsored Review

The Midwest Book Review

"The focus on this step-by-step process for achieving such success is what makes The Secrets of Business so remarkable.."
- D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR

Trade Reviews for The Skills of Business

Forward Reviews, Clarion Review 4/5 Stars

"The Skills of Business is authoritative and informative. It should prove especially useful to the budding entrepreneur."
-Barry Silverstein

The San Francisco Book Review 4/5 Stars

"The Skills of Business will make a fine addition to your personal shelf." - Sponsored Review

Midwest Book Review

"The Skills of Business is, in the end, a series of wide-ranging lessons that can be applied to virtually any business venture, filled with positive perspectives and real-world, tested applications. It should be on the radar of any business professional and those who would learn from experience." - D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR

Empower Yourself with Ehab's Business Secrets

  • 34 businesses in 15 different industries
  • Driving and conducting business in all 50 states in depth and traveling to 71 countries
  • Multi-millions in leveraged income and net worth
  • Up to 300% return in the stock market
  • Joining a Doctor of Business Program
  • Running officially for congressman in the United States
  • Consulting and teaching business administration

Explore the endless possibilities

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    “This is a great book. I personally gained a lot of advice and knowledge from it.” –Dr. Momtaz A. Abbas, CPA, PhD...
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Ehab’s Books

  • The Secret of Business (Available Now)
  • The Skills of Business (Available Now)
  • The Tips of Business (Coming Soon)
  • Big Business From Scratch (Coming Soon)
  • The Master of Marketing (Coming Soon)
  • The Master of Finance (Coming Soon)

Change Your Life in One Day

  • A blueprint to build your business empire
  • Match your personality to the right business
  • Expose yourself to more opportunities
  • Become an artist of business
  • Learn hands-on, real world business skills